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What do I get with ClassPress?
  • Private classroom environment
    Other blogging sites make anything you post available for the world to see... With ClassPress, no one outside your class can view or participate without your permission!

  • Personalized blogs
    Add pictures, videos, polls, and more to your blog! Customize your blog's text and background colors as well as the title and banner to make it your own.

  • Publish to the web NEW!
    Now you can select specific blog entries to be published to the web for all to see! You remain in control of whether or not students can publish to the web and what gets published.

  • No advertisements
    Free blogging sites have ads that slow down and distract from your blog... ClassPress has no advertisements for registered users!

  • Unlimited student accounts
    You can create an unlimited number of classes and student accounts. Student accounts are easy to set up and no e-mail address is required.

  • Content filtering
    ClassPress automatically filters bad words from student blogs and comments so you don't have to worry about inappropriate content.

  • Drop box
    Post assignments on your blog and let your students submit their work using the built-in drop box! All common file types are supported, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Adobe PDF. You (the teacher) can also submit files for your students to download.

  • Create PDF journals
    At the end of a semester or school year, you can create a journal of your students' blogs that can be printed or saved to your computer (Requires Adobe Reader).

  • Connect with buddies
    Link your account with other teachers and your classes can share blogs. You have complete control over which blogs your classes are allowed to see.

  • Control class access rights
    You can create multiple classes and then give each class rights to view only blogs for other classes that you specify.

  • Student blog approval
    You have the option of requiring that student blog entries be approved by you before the rest of the class can see them.

  • Link to online resources
    Add a list of links (sometimes called a blogroll) that will show up on all student blogs in that class. This is a great way to link to online resources for research projects.

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